LP-FX trading interface delivers simplicity, functionality and performance required in today's FX market:

  • Degree of anonymity via Central Counterparties within our targeted community
  • No brokerage fees or additional costs
  • Quick and reliable execution using market, limit, stop and pegged orders with broad range of times in force available (GTC, GTD, IOC, FOK,...)
  • Prices for over 80 currency pairs with relevant depth up to 50M and dynamic throttle updates
  • In-house Straight-Through-Processing (X-Confirm) or connection to major STP providers for an ease in the workflow process


Business operations built around LP-FX advanced technology infrastructure to ensure platform reliability as well as speed of execution:

  • In-house developed bespoke solutions targeting our clients' needs with fast development cycles for system enhancements
  • Technical and operational support on a 24*5.5 basis
  • Connection to the system through a customised GUI or API
  • FIX protocol support provided for integration with our in-house platform
  • Speed of execution with ultra-low latency network and matching engines in both LD4 and NY4


LP-FX price aggregation occurs via our in-house liquidity management system to provide a robust and sustainable pricing to our clients:

FX Mid-Rate Matching

Powered by New Change FX 

Using the independent source New Change FX Mid-Rate allows LP-FX to remain impartial to the pricing, and removes participant’s ability to manipulate the rate used:

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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